Multiroom failing

HI All,

QQ - does multiroom support Pi Zero? i cannot for the life of me get it to work.

I have 2 devices - a raspberry pi 3 B+ and a pi zero w v1.1 both with latest Volumio.

Pi3 = FisherPrice -
Pi0 = Deck -

Both have multiroom enabled and i can switch between both players but when i attempt to group i get an error advising “no groupable devices found”
Notably, when i reboot the Pi0 i can see an error notification that multiroom is failing to start and the logs suggest the same.

[MyVolumio PluginManager] Loading plugin "multiroom"...
Aug 11 16:05:06 deck volumio[756]: warn: [MyVolumio PluginManager] It looks like we're trying to load a cleartext plugin in: /myvolumio/plugins/audio_interface/multiroom/index.js
Aug 11 16:05:06 deck volumio[756]: error: [MyVolumio PluginManager] !!!! WARNING !!!!
Aug 11 16:05:06 deck volumio[756]: error: [MyVolumio PluginManager] The plugin audio_interface/multiroom failed to load, setting it to stopped. Error: TypeError: Cannot read property 'iv' of undefined

Is this just a case of unsupported hardware?

for anyone reading - this just sorted itself out and is now working - no changes other than time passing - maybe the system takes a little time between subscribing to settings appearing? no idea.

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