Multiroom audio Raspbery pi's

Hey there… I’m running the lastest versions of Volumio on 3 Raspberry pi Zero w’s and a Raspberry pi cm3lite, up until last week, everything worked fine with multi-room audio, usually using the cm3 as the main player, and then grouping the pi zero’s with it, but now none of my installations will group… when clicking the grouping, it only shows the current device, but when clicking “switch devices” it shows all the devices… i’ve restarted all the devices many times… .even restarted my network a few times… tried re-installing as welll with a fresh installl same thing…

any ideas?

update: fixed

removed all devices from MyVolumio, re-added, and on a few of my pi’s multiroom was disabled… oddly… that i never disabled it, so I re-enabled Multi-room… then there was no config available… restarted those devices… everything is now available again.