Multiple RPi Volumios - Only one shows up on Android App

I have two RPi based Volumios running version 2.806. Both work fine via the web pages, but the Android App only shows one of them and there does not seem to be a way to switch to the other.

I saw several posts asking similar questions (from 2018), but no answers.

I also note that while I can go to each Volumio via an independent web page, neither one seems to know about the other. Posts mention that multiple units show under the “multiroom” area of the GUI, but I have not seen that. And I have poked around in the settings, but don’t see a way to turn that on, or off.

What is it that I’m missing?


are you using a clone of the first install or fresh installs?
clones are the same and they will not show up because they are the same.
only fresh installs will show up in multi room…

I used fresh installs for each unit from the .iso file I downloaded.

Is there something I need to configure to allow these two units to show up on the GUI? I don’t see the multiroom area of the GUI. Or is this a capability that only exists if you sign up for My Volumio?


i know it works on the 3.xx version maybe try that … if your on 3b+ or 4 rpi

DOH! My mistake! In looking further into this, I found the icon in the lower right hand corner of both the webapp and the android app that defines “Audio Outputs and Zones”. Clicking on that I can see both of the two Volumio instances I have running and can switch between the two.

I thought I had seen some screen shots a while ago that showed the multiple instances of volumio units on the main webapp screen, but maybe that was with earlier releases. And, of course, I could just be totally wrong - which is probably the case.


normaly you will have it only if you clone a image you will not see it …
happy you found it :slight_smile: