Multiple Players - Miscellaneous Issues [RESOLVED]

I have three players;

Player 1. Volumio Mini86 w/external DAC - It’s currently running version 2.201 and, as of today, reports that this is the latest available version.

Player 2. Raspberry Pi w/Touchscreen and external DAC - It’s currently running version 2.224. If I click the “Check Updates” button, nothing happens at all (i.e., I don’t get the message stating this is the latest available version or a message stating that an updated version is available).

Player 3. Allo Boss Player (Pi 3 w/Allo Boss DAC) - It’s currently running version 2.246 and reports that, as of today, this is the latest available version.

I’ve rebooted each player a couple of times without any change. There’s one additional anomaly - The Plugins section for the Mini86 player shows only one available plugin, Spotify. The additional plugins youtube playback, GPIO buttons, etc. are not there. [Given the hardware involved, I can understand why the GPIO button plugin is not available].

I’ll start with the assumption that version 2.246 should be available for each player. Perhaps it’s the case that the Mini86 is not updated as soon as new versions become available? Can’t think of any explanation for the unavailability of version 2.246 on the player which reports that it’s running 2.224. Any assistance/explanation would be appreciated. Cheers.

as per your problem with the pi, the solution to fix it can be found here:

As per your question on x86:

  • First point is that this is our “Turnkey” player, so we are very cautious when releasing a new update, as we do lot of testing on it. This means that releases for the mini86 are released 2 weeks after the PI, but this way we avoid you to reflash it and always have the best experience.
  • Also, we’re now in a delicate phase of making substantial changes (for the better) to the update system, and we did not complete it yet for x86 platform. We are finishing it those days. As soon as we finish them, the mini86 will be updated.
  • As you might imagine, plugins on x86 are different from the PI ones, so you won’t find anything for accessories. Youtube is currently not available because the last version does not work for x86, and is being fixed in the meanwhile.

In any case all of the remarks you’ve made will be fixed asap

Good answers. Thanks for the prompt response.

I reflashed the touchscreen Pi as suggested and it’s now running version 2.246. I’m now unable to install the touchscreen plugin. It hangs at 70% and apparently requires a keyboard input - something I don’t have. I was able to successfully install the plugin in my earlier version. Looking for advice.
Plugin 70%.PNG

Scouring the forum led me to the fix here. Disconnect any USB devices before installing the plugin. The plugin still appears to hang at 70% (see attached screenshot) but you can rely on the “Plugin Successfully Installed” message.
Touchscreen Plugin Successfully Installed.PNG