multiple Pi

long time fan of Twonky and XBMC/Kodi.
Have found myself with thee Pi (2xpi2 and a pi3)
What I would like to do is build a media centre and also have a stand alone Pi2 running Volumio.

  1. One running Kodi (Openelec) as a DLNA server and something to watch videos from.
  2. One running Volumio for its web radio and as a DLNA renderer
  3. One maybe as a NAS if needed

Now the problem I’m finding is with them all running on the bench,
With Volumio, I can get my IPAD to see Volumio and it says its playing a track stored on the ipad to it but I get nothing from Volumio.
I can’t get Volumio to see the DNLA library from the Koli server (my laptop Kodi renders from it fine)
And they are all on the same network.

Any help would be wonderful, thank you.