Multichannel DSD

Hi Devs, Hi community,
Does the current version support playback of Multichannel DSD files over HDMI?
Beste regards

It be brilliant if it did - even if we could extract dual channel DSD from the HDMI, that would be a killer feature!

Sadly, I suspect (at least in the case of RPi hardware) that the HDMI cannot be used like this… I’d love to be corrected!

BTW, in KODI It is working fine. :slight_smile:

With RPi hardware? :slight_smile:

Do you happen to know if its the Native DSD stream or Decimated to PCM?

Yes, tested witth Pi2, Pi3 and Odroid C2.

I’m quite sure, that there is support for native DSD, but unfortunately at the moment i do not have a Pi for testing.

Wow, brilliant, I’m designing a DAC with the RPi CM3 module and we have an internal native DSD path (CM3 - USB - XMOS - I2S/DSD).

So just to clarify, with Kodi you can plug a HDMI cable to a player that allows native DSD over HDMI output and “extract” the DSD stream in Kodi?

What DVD player did you use as the “DSD source”?

I can help Michelangelo with hardware if required to develop for Volumio (if it does not already support DSD extraction from HDMI).

As i said before, not 100% sure

I’ve used PS3 SACD Rips (mutichannel .dsf files) stored on NAS.

Thinking about it further from a hardware perspective & sadly I just don’t see the RPI HDMI interface being an able to function as an input - so no way to “extract” the DSDstream from the HDMI source.

Up this 3d
It’s the multichannel time