Multi room

Hi, I setup my first raspberry pi with a generic DAC last week and I am very pleased with how it’s working out. I’ve mainly been using Spotify and web radio.

My next step is to to get another pi and DAC for another room. I understand that multiroom is possible with volumio but what isn’t clear to me are are the possible limitations of the free version.
Is it possible to control two devices using the free version? Secondly, I’d like to be able to control each pi from separate Android phones so that my girlfriend and can also so have the app on her phone.
Would we be able to listen to to different tracks on Spotify on different devices at the same time I’m (we each have our own Spotify premium account).

And finally, I’d like to add add a DAC + ADC to one of the pi’s in order DA2 stream an analogue source 2 to other pi’s on the network.

What is the best stroke cheapest way of going about this setup?

Thanks very much for Reading :slight_smile: