multi room using volumio

up until recently i was able to access the USB drive that is connected to a raspberry pi running Volumio in my living room on my WiFi connected Volumio raspberry pi in my bedroom, however something happened to the micro SD card in the living room pi so had to reinstall Volumio, now i cant access the USB drive other than on the living room pi.

originally i could access it though the bedroom pi by clicking on network and NAS and that would stream the audio files, but i cannont remember how to set it up and i cannot find any information other than setting up a stand alone Music server that Volumio can access to stream music from, which would need another Pi.

does anyone know how to set up Volumio so it can stream to other Volumio devices?

Your drive is shared with samba by default.
To check this you can grab an pc and start Explorer go to \volumio.local or use \ipofdevice

On the 2nd volumio go to NAS settings and remove the old connection and make a new one.