multi-room synched playback inclued in volumio

i don’t find a recent topic about multi-room,
i use free version of volumio 2.882 since some time on raspberry pi 3b+,
it works very well in comparaison other systems and the hergonomy is very beautiful, fonctionnaly and intutive.
i tryed snapcast to do multi-room synched playback, but this pluging not do a real multi-room, not very pratical to use and the shynchronisation is not top.
i just saw on the VOLUMIO’s site the multi-room synched playback will be soom able disponible.
do the multi-room synched playback will be disponible for free version of volumio?

This will be part of the myVolumio services.

i looked the volumio subscriptions,
i just want to know if i have understand:
myvolumio virtuoso works only on one device,
therefore i can’t use multi-room on two devices.
if i want to use multi-room on two devices or more i must subscribe
a myvolumio supertar? it is right?

That does appear to be the case from the descriptions. Also please note that multi-room sync is not yet released (should hopefully be coming with Volumio 3.x).

How tight is the sync for multi-room? Is the latency low enough that right and left stereo channels can be separate devices? Only looking to play local NAS files or web radio.

Most likely won’t be, even 1ms difference destroys whole stereo image

Thanks Joni. Everything that I have read about snapcast on other forms seems to support that answer. Disappointing. I really would have liked to build separate left/right/sub devices with active crossovers that could be placed anywhere in the home.

The good way is to use DSP and set multiple output.
FusionDsp can do that…
But you 'll need a multichannel Dac or Avr