Multi-room Interface Switching

I’ve got three Volumio-based Raspberry Pis right now and independently all three work well, I’m really loving them.

The problem I’ve got, though, I’ve recently been having multi-room connectivity problems between them. It looks very much like volumio-031-multiroom-switching-via-webinterface-t5202.html except I’m running builds on all three machines that should have the update for that issue included.

I have three machines, daniel, james and victor. victor.local/ all take me to their respective interfaces and I can play music on each of them. Each of those ‘play’ pages also shows the other two machines have been detected. If I am on james.local and select daniel.local, it takes me to the appropriate machine. If I select james.local from either victor.local or daniel.local the spinner just runs forever and I never get to james.local nor brought back to the main interface. If I select victor.local from either of the other two it takes me to victor successfully.

As for versions, both Victor and James are running 2.389, while Daniel is older, still running 2.310.

Are there any logs I could check to try to better understand what’s breaking down on Victor and Daniel?

I have the same symptoms.
At first it works normally once or twice, but when I run it at a certain moment, it stops working.