MQA, Volumio and Tidal

June '21: I hope, some good and clear experiences
with the trio of volumio, mqa and tidal.
Volumio does a great job of playing music from local files and radio-urls (based on runeaudio).
MyVolumio offers access to tidal (paid) by connecting to the original tidal-app (in my case, this works).
Tidal streams in cd- and mqa-quality.
mqa delivers music-streams, which has to be decoded and rendered (otherwise cd-quality).
Volumio does not decode.
Any dac, which decodes and renders, delivers mqa from volumio. (some say, volume must be 100%).
my dac (… V2) does decode and render, but has no volume control by volumio (so generally at 100%).
the result is great.

Hi lotos_loop, welcome to Volumio. :slight_smile:

Glad you’re enjoying the experience, and the music.