MQA unfold step 1 in SW


Did not find any suggestions on this…
The competition (Ifi Zen Stream, Roon Nucleus,…) does an unfold step 1 of MQA tracks (Tidal) from 44.1kHz to 88kHz or 96kHz in SW depending on song before sending it to DAC. Unfold step 2 up to 192kHz or 384kHz has to be done by DAC itself.
This means that non-MQA DACs can play MQA files up to 96kHz if this is implemented.

Would have been nice if Volumio (RIVO) could do the same?

Cheers, Tom

Not likely to happen and (in my opinion!) I hope it does not. MQA license costs should be carried by the users who like MQA, hence they should buy a DAC that does both, issue solved.

Volumio give an answer on the help pages why they can’t implement the software decoder, just search there for MQA.

On top:
MQA lost the battle, They went into administration:
MQA has gone into administration: what does this mean for Tidal and supported products? | What Hi-Fi?.

Tidal is making the switch from MQA to hi-res.
From a business point of view, it makes absolutly no sense to spend money on MQA licenses.

FLAC is technically far superior than MQA, and it works with any kind of DAC without paying additional cost for the licence