MQA Jumping in and out on Tidal

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: v<2.971–>
Hardware: Raspberry Pi 4 and Pi 3B
DAC: ifi Zen DAC v2

I am fairly new to all of this.
I have a Pi4 Running with the official power supply - 3A
Connected to an ifi Zen DAC v2.
When playing certain MQA Albums, the light on the DAC jumps between
Green/White accompanied by a crackle as if it’s losing it’s lock on the stream.
I have tried direct ethernet connection
different cable to DAC. I have also tried on my Pi 3B, with the same result.
It’s odd it does not do it on all Albums.
I have then connected my Phone with USB Audio Player Pro to the DAC and it works fine, so it’s definitely the Pi4/Pi3 causing the stutter

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are you on 100% volume?

I have tried 90,100 and no mixer.

always 100% otherwise you have no mqa…

Thankyou, so do i set it to Hardware?

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I have set it to hardware control, the volume control does not affect the volume?

usb dac’s can handle hardware controle most of the time.

I assumed leaving setting at “No Mixer”, it would output at maximum?


Hi Everyone, I’m outing crazy for this same issue. My layout is:
-Pi4 with psu 5Vdc@3A
-Volumio just installed ver.3.179
So, the first issue is: when the DAC Zen is powered up by a good Meanwell external psu 5Vdc@2.4A some MQA Tracks are played with continuos crackles/stutters and the light on the DAC jumps between
Green/White and cannot remain on blue.
Please can you help me?

Do you see the same behavior when you power the Zen only by USB?
If yes… I don’t know
If No, what happens if you power the Zen with the same PSU as the rPi?

Thanks for your reply. When I use only the usb3 from pi4 all is ok. Thi issue happens only when I connect the 5V PSU on DAC Zen and maintain (obviously) connected the usb on pi4.

Then run the test connecting the ZEN to the same PSU as the rPi. If this is not possible power the Zen only by USB. Seems the power supplies are interfering with each other.

I’ve checked all the Power Supplies and they works both properly. After other tests I’ve found that the issues of instable playing with crackles&stutters are caused when the DAC is connected by USB2 insted USB3 in the Pi4. So, the psu doubt is Solved. Now remain to know why Volumio show always 44.1KHz/24bit also if the track is streaming by Tidal is in HiRes. In fact the Ifi Zen DAC V2 show correctly the Blue light (MQA Studio). And I don’t understand why the same albums, for example “Matter of Time” of Eddie Vedder streamed from Tidal by iPhone/iPad is shown in DAC with Magenta light, i.e. (MQB original sample rate), when instead the album is play by PC@usb or Volumio@Pi4 is shown on DAC as Blue (MQA studio). Thanks