MPi3 player


Recently I completed my own MPi3 player project.

The hardware consists of a Raspberry Pi (running Volumio :slight_smile: ) with Hifiberry Digi board.
I designed the enclosure with Blender 3D (an open source 3D program), starting with a default cube.
The enclosure was printed on a 3D printer and then polished and painted.

Inside the MPi3 player (back view)

Inside the MPi3 player (front view)

The MPi3 player is now a functional part of my Hifi installation.
More details can be found here:



I’m impressed! Well done!
As I’m working on a new project, I’m interested by your code. But do you think it is possible to display vertically , I mean by rotating 90° the LCD?

Hi Balbuze,

The LCD display is a 20x4 character display (each character has 5x8 pixels). The characters are stored in ROM on the display, so the can not be changed (as fas as I know). You can only make 8 custom characters. So I would not use this display when it must be rotated 90°. I probably use something like this, here the pixels are individually controlled.