MPD_Sima is a Python script meant to feed your MPD playlist with tracks from artists similar to your currently playing track, provided that these artists are found in MPD library. Similar artists are fetched from

MPD_sima can queue track, top track or whole album for similar artists.

This client allows you to never run out of music when your playlist queue is getting short.

Great tip!
Will be included!

+1 :slight_smile:

Are there any activities regarding the integration of mpd-sima ( I am using mpd-sima on my Volumio-driven Raspberry Pi and I am happy with it. Nevertheless, handling mpd-sima is kind of clumsy, e.g. for activating/deactivating it I have to use ssh.

I am really looking forward to see mpd-sima integrated with Volumio, i.e. to configure and control it via Volumio’s UI.

Could this be intgrated as a plugin?