MPD Satellite configuration


Is there a clean (i.e. reliable and permanent) way of setting the Volumio MPD daemon to use a direct connection to a media share on, for example, a NAS elsewhere on the LAN, instead of going via the ‘/mnt/NAS/’ (I think that’s the path) that Volumio normally uses?

The reason I ask is that I have currently got 4 RPi 2/3 headless clients setup to use MPD and a Snapclient so that they can be used in a synchronised streaming way, and also in a standalone way - you can have both playing at once if you like. The client MPDs are setup to access the Volumio machine as satellites to remove the need to have local MPD databases on each - they query the Volumio machine for all searches and file location data, and play audio files directly from the NAS machine (music_directory “smb://nas/music/” in mpd.conf). Unfortunately, the Volumio machine passes the audio files paths as ‘/mnt/NAS/music/directory/file.mp3’ when all the clients expect ‘/directory/file.mp3’, and so can’t play the audio.

As far as I know there isn’t a way to snip off the ‘/mnt/NAS/music’ from the paths from within MPD.

I could recreate the ‘/mnt/NAS’ mountpoints on all the clients and have fstab mount the NAS there on bootup, but it would be much more elegant to use the MPD ‘smb://…’ style configuration in the first place.

I hope that makes sense - please let me know if you’d like any clarification.