MPD responsive web client

Hi all,

Since my programmer skills are not up to the task at hand on the back end of things (I’m merely able to do PHP really); I was thinking of doing a project which is more in line of what my profession is. Front-end.

Right now, I’m using MPod for iPhone. MPod and MPad are not really my favorites. They react slow and always seems like a hassle.
Using the WebGui is quite OK, however. It seems a lil bit on the heavy side on a raspberry pi doing what it does already.

My idea is trying is the following.

Since I saw the idea somewhere to use nodeJS as backend for Volumio, my idea was building a WebGUI that does more async actions and have less sequential actions and notifications. That is just a wish :wink:, like, open a websocket and go!

I was thinking two/three scenarios:

  1. build a client using node-mpd client, sending data directly to mpd.
  2. build a client using a web framework sending data to a websocket.
  3. or… using a possible rest API on Volumio’s part?

Now, I cannot say if a websocket integration is possible, but I think I have to look at Michaelangelo for that.

First part is to start slow with a simple design and build from there. At my daily Job, I work with a lot of different programmers, scripters, (ux)designers, so im going to borrow their help to make something a more likable interface.

I’ll keep this thread for updates on it.

All suggestions most welcome.

– reserved for udpates –

Just a basic sketch of the player. I want to keep it more simple than most. Few buttons, focusing on just playback and playlists. There’s a way of detecting the brightness of the background. In that situation, I would adjust the brightness of the UI elements. (shadow or glow)

Very good idea.
Interface have to be as light as possible.

Since this thread I have been actually working on the volumio ui. I’m definately going to try as light weight as possible. smartwatch first :wink:

Think also, dont need to be interactive, but better response would be fine! Special on the volume regulator, till it react its to loud or to quiet.
Also I would prefer volume buttons instead of regulator.

Also sometimes, when i connect to the webfrontend, the musik get stumbled :smiling_imp: