MPD Proxy

Hi All,

I have recently setup mpd on my fileserver in the hope to speed up loading of my music db. I have been unable to configure volumio to use it as a proxy though. If after editing the mpd.conf file I run “mpc stats” it shows the expected info but no music shows up in volumio

Changes I made to mpd.conf are

Commenting out path to db file and adding

database {
plugin “proxy”
host “fileserver.ip”
port “6600”

If I just install mpd on raspian lite it works almost perfectly, apart from all albums being duplicated in mpd clients.

Has anyone had a luck seting up an mpd proxy with volumio?

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I suspect that mpd is tightly incorporated into Volumio’s code, and trying to use a proxy will be problematical. See here for example: failure-use-proxy-plugin-connect-from-ext-client-t5123.html

It seems like a proxy server problem, try to install a proxy app. Which one are you using? I use proxies because they add speed to your network. This is especially true when comparing free, public proxies to private, paid ones. Public proxies allow anyone to access them, meaning you’re almost guaranteed to share the server with one or more people. I am now using proxy trial, but I will pay for it for sure.