Mpd_Oled on Volumio

Someone know how can make it work on volumio with external source…
im working about 5 days without any solution, try also to create loopback but external source not passes trought mpd daemon and cava not works.

someone had a mpd_oled working on Volumio? if not which other shit display plugin you have installed?


I am using a 4 pin i2c 1.3" oled, with a ssh1106 chip.

Followed the instructions from …

Works like a charm.

main issue is not what display
are you using mpd_oled plugin? did you see spectrum also with external source?

When the mpd_oled program is running on Volumio it gets the information it can from Volumio directly, and other information from MPD.

Since you did not specify which external source you want displayed, you might want to take a look at

i mean spotify and airplay…
so… github discussion is useless. im working on this stupid plugin about 5 days… no solution at all on volumio

the volumio settings shared on discussion is not working on mine setup
no way. … -423255641 did not solve your issue?