I just installed a headless PI with MPD and MPC

This is plugged into a M-Audio Fasttrack Pro audio interface via USB, and to the network with an Ethernet cable

We are currently playing a web radio station with this setup and all seems fine.

I am now considering a graphical management interface for this setup to allow my client more autonomy

I came across Volumio, and GMPC

If I understand things correctly, I could have used Volumio instead of installing Raspbian + MPD

I’m not totally clear on what Volumio will provide beyond the result I already have

I feel like the missing piece I am looking for is GMPC

and from what I gather, with a Volumio you will also require something like GMPC ?

Does all this make sense ? Any opinions or advice ?

Thanks for your inputs


Volumio has its own Graphical User Interface accessible through a web browser so there is no need to install any software to use it. But as it is based on MPD, you can install any client to control it; I am using MPDroid on Android, MPod on my iPhone, gmpc or ncmpc on my Linux laptop, all are working fine.
Volumio is configured through its web server, by default it gets its IP address with DHCP on the ethernet but you can configure a Wifi access quite easily. You can set a password for the configuration part with a little modification of the web interface (just do a search on this forum) so you users will not destroy the setup. :wink:
I have a PI2 with Volumio working at home with audio going through the HDMI output to a Denon AV receiver, no problems so far with the ethernet connection (WiFi is not as stable).

Thanks Stéphane