MPD issue with Bubbleupnp

I have been using BubbleUPnP to play my Tidal library on Volumio for some time now. Recently Volumio stops playing the tidal track after 4 to 7 seconds of playback. If there are more than one song in the BubbleUPnP playback queue, Volumio plays each song for only few seconds and moves to next.

I thought this was due to the recent BubbleUPnP app update so I sent the app log to their support. Their support responded with the following:

The log shows that mpd (the program doing the streaming and playback on Volumio)
closes the connection to BubbleUPnP for reading the stream.

This is unusual but the version of mpd that runs on Volumio is rather old by now
(0.20.18, Feb 2018) and it had many improvements to http streaming since.

There is nothing the app can do as this is a Volumio / mpd issue.
I suggest switching to Moode if possible as it uses much more recent versions
of upmpdcli / mpd.

I don’t want to switch to Moode (don’t; like its UI and many other user experience related decisions).

Volumio V2.861 on Pi 3b+; Allo DigiOne Signature. Wifi 5Ghz connection.
When Volumio stops the playback, I see “curl failed: recv/failure: Connection reset by peer” error in the Volumio UI in red box.

Appreciate in solving the MPD issue. is there a way to update MDP.

Thank you.

MPD can be updated: MPD 0.21.16 for Volumio (arm, armv7 and x86)

Or you can try the beta version of Volumio Buster.

Thank you. I will try 21.16 version.

I tried the MPD 21.16 version. While BubblesoftUPnP now works flawlessly, My library has shows zero artist, albums and tracks. Rescan brought the counts back, but each album has zero tracks.

Another user reported the same issue in the mpd 21.16 update solution post.
Reverted back.

It looks like this is a problem in BubbleUPnP.
Write to the BubbleUPnP developer. The program is paid, he should see what the problem is.

No, this is a mpd and Volumio issue.

As I said, updating to 21.16 mpd fixed bubblesoft tidal streaming to volumio. But Volumio library gets screwed up with 21.16 mpd. How is that bubblesoft issue?

Since you are using a pi 3b+, I really suggest you try the beta version of Volumio Buster (perhaps on a separate SD card). It should have a recent enough version of MPD to work with BubbleUPnp while being compatible with other Volumio functions. The MPD 21.16 I provided is kind of hacky so you may have issues like you described (although scanning did work on my end). I am not really inclined to fix issues with MPD 21.16 though, given Volumio Buster is gonna be released any time soon…