MPD conf question: auto_update "yes" in V2, "no" in V3, why?


Yes, I agree with you, this is clearly a MPD issue (that’s why I modified the service attached to MPD).

But, it is also linked to Volumio, because /etc/mpd.conf (config file for MPD is generated by Volumio).

By the way, I have a question.

In Volumio V3, it looks like MPD is configured by default with option "auto_update’ to “no”. This can be checked in /etc/mpd.conf, and also in the template file which is used to generated this config file.

The template is there: /volumio/app/plugins/music_service/mpd/mpd.conf.tmpl

In Volumio V2, “auto_update” was set to “yes” by default. So this is a major difference between V2 and V3. What is the rationale for this change?

But there is another config file there:


where you can find this:

“type”: “boolean”,
“value”: true

It’s not clear for me the meaning of this section and the use of this “auto_update” parameter.

Is it supposed to be set through the WebUI? Or through an API? Or how can this be set, except from manually editing this config file?

Is it linked to “auto_update” in /etc/mpd.conf?

If yes, what happens when the values are not the same?