mpc commands for bit depth and sample rate

I’d like to read bit rate and sample depth of the currently playing song.

‘mpc current’ does not give this info. The documentation of mpc doesn’t show how to read this. However, Mpad/Mpod display this info, so surely there is a way to read it.


No one? Volumio reads this info as well. How does one access this information?

Oh, sorry i did a little bit of research after your first post but didn’t post a thing and kinda forgot about it :smiley:

MPC doesn’t got a command to show but depth and sample rate.
See the man page:

So MPC cant do it. Ive found an other forum they have all kinds of ways to get information out of the sound card and mpd. I’ve also seen a bit depth and sample rate command. … m-linux/45

It works by getting the information out of /proc/asound/card using either cat or grep.