According to latest news, shouldn’t be whole project moved to the GitLab soon?

Do(n’t) Panic! :wink:


I am one of the few which is actually happy about the Microsoft acquisition of Github, let me summarize why:

  • GH was burning cash at an incredible rate (I wonder where those cash was spent BTW) so if they would not have found a buyer, they would have closed soon. This could have hurted the OSS community big time, given that GH is more than a repository, but also an hosted community
  • MS has contributed a lot to the actual GIT protocol this year, since they started using GIT for their development. This is one example of a corporate giving something back to the community. They solved one of GIT biggest issues: big repos, wit GVFS
    blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/devops … t-in-2017/
  • MS is doing open source the right way, committing regularly and engaging communities. One good example is Visual Studio code, which is becoming the most liked coding IDE

IF MS is wise enough to let GitHub be, and avoid the mistake it made with Skype, then this is a good news, since Github will live, stronger and hopefully better.

For those interested, here’s a very well written article:
arstechnica.com/gadgets/2018/06 … -solution/

Here’s a blog article from the founder of Acquia, the company I work for, on his view of the acquisition:

dri.es/how-microsofts-acquisiti … cloud-wars