Mounting USB hdd

I want to use an external usb hdd with volumio. If i connect it using a power hub to my RP2 - how can i add the files to the music library? The procedure is easy for network drives but i didn’t understand how to make it with usb hdd. By the way- it’s NTFS- is it ok with volumio?


NTFS is read only by default in Raspbian, unless you install additional drivers I think (Google). If you can’t see the drive in your Music Library under ‘USB’ then you probably will have to mount it.

What file system volumio supports? Where exactly i should see the USB drive? Under the music tab (where i select albums) or in the music section in the settings tab? Thanks

Have a read about Raspbian (on which Volumio is based), but ‘ext4’ is the native format for most Linux distributions. Fat32 should also be ok, and as I said above, I thought NTFS was read-ony.

‘Browse’, ‘Music Library’, and it should appear alongside your NAS (if you have one).