Mounting SSD Problems

Hi There,

I’ve bought a new SSD to replace a portable hard drive and I can’t seem to access the music from it now that it has been formatted and filled.

The device is showing up in the lsusb list:


Further to this, when I access the SSD on WINSCP I can access it via the media folder and upload music to it from my pc…

The problem is that it no longer shows in my Music Library folder in the GUI like the old HDD used to.

Any ideas please?

Many thanks


Would you please start with mentioning which platform you are talking about and which exact volumio version you are using (latest does not qualify).
This would help us determine which next step to take :grinning:

Hi there

I have a pi4 2gb, running version 2.882,



which format applies to the ssd disk? I can’t see the size so I’m asking FAT32, NTFS, exFAT?

I formatted the disk as NTFS,

thanks again!

ah, NTFS would work for the x86 version, but needs to be checked with the RPi.
Afaik there are several relevant posts on the forum, but never payed attention.
Feel free to search, meanwhile I’ll check as well.

May not be instant…

Should I just remove the drive, reformat it as FAT32 and start again? It’s no bother to do so…

quickest way to do it, no guarantee though :slight_smile:

In fairness, I’ve just plugged the old hard drive into my pc and it is formatted as NTFS as well, and strangely this one has never given me any problems whatsoever…

the ntfs issue would still be open when fat32 works, but that should be taken care off with your test feedback.

Sorry, I’m confused as to what you mean there…

Also a bit confused as to why the new SSD won’t work whereas the old HDD does, even though they’re both formatted NTFS…!

that is an issue I did not consider, will take this up tomorrow

we need to have logs from both situations as there appears to be a difference in the way volumioOS detects the disk and I might have a few extra questions

ok, what do you need me to do?

The biggest issue is that you’ve copied files using windows on a NTFS file system. The pi can read NTFS but might error on permissions.
I see that the owner is volumio, is that the same on the old disk?

I see that the owner is volumio, is that the same on the old disk?

How would I find out?

The lazy way :slight_smile:
put the old disk back on volumio, and connect with winscp. Same as you did with the new SSD.
Seems odd that Volumio has ownership on a USB drive.

Ok, I will do that but its getting on to 11 o clock here and I need to get up for work tomorrow - I’ll do this tomorrow and post the results.

thanks for all your help!


yep Sure, we’re a hour ahead of the UK. So time to go to bed.

yes, to be continued :wink: