Mounting Apple Time Capsule (with Disk Password)


Yesterday, with the help of several old threads on this forum, I managed to mount my relatively old 1TB Apple Time Capsule in Volumio. Nice!

The only thing is: I needed to change the File Sharing settings for the Time Capsule to using User Accounts (with usernames + passwords), instead of using the Device Password (password only) I have been using for years. The third option is to use a Disk Password (also password only). The trouble is that when I switch to User Accounts, I cannot access/see my old files on the Time Capsule anymore. They are still there, because when I switch back to Device Password everything is back the way it was. Stupid, but I found this is normal on the Apple forums when switching these settings.

Does anybody know of a method to mount the Time Capsule with the Device Password only? So no username.

I would like to prevent copying hundreds of GB’s of file to another big disk (I do not have) and to copy them back the Time Capsule in the User Accounts File Sharing setting.

Any ideas on what to try are welcome.

I use cifs with sec=ntlm, all from the GUI.