Mount SMB Share in read / write mode

Hi, i’m on a rasp 3b and Volumio 2.
my music is recorded on a NAS server but Volumio mounts the folder only in read-only mode. It is possible mount in read / write mode? I’m using GUI standar mount web interface…

Hi @cherrera
Any reason why you’re not on the current version? V3 is stable and maintained.

Can you screenshot your settings in the network section of Sources.

Hi @SimonE ,

Thanks in advance… and sorry… my english is really bad

Maybe this helps…

Thanks @dvo ,

If I change the fstab file manually from the console, will Volumio work correctly?

I don’t know, i don’t have mounted drives i only looked it up online.

Options with “rw” work for me:

Nice that you found a option :slight_smile: