Mount failing on reboot/Web UI not reachable


I have just installed Volumio (it doesn’t say which build it is on the About page, but I downloaded the availabe SD card image yesterday) on a Raspberry Pi 2 with a Hifiberry Amp+, connected to my WiFi using a Raspberry Pi-supported Edimax USB WiFi device.

First I want to say I have gotten everything to work, hearing my music stored on a NAS in my loudspeakers. But I have experienced some major problems which I hope you can help me with.

Problem 1 – Mounts failing for no apparent reason
I have added my music library from a NAS specifying IP address and folder (to a shared folder on the NAS). This works, but when I reboot Volumio, this network drive doesn’t mount anymore – it gets a red checkmark. But if I just resave the same connection data, the drive indeed becomes green and gets mounted! But then the music needs to be reindexed from the start.

Problem 2 – Server starts in inaccessible mode, probably WiFi-related
When I start Volumio it seems I have a 50% chance of the server actually becoming accessible. The browser reports that volumio/ is not online. When this happens I cannot ping the machine (and not Putty to it) but strangely it does appear in my router’s connection list. It usually has two different local IPs, why is that?

I think this problem may be WiFi related because with cable it seems to work much better. If I pull the cable out the device becomes inaccessible despite Volumio reporting a great WiFi connection.

I then simply restart the Raspberry Pi until it works. Being a headless server I can only yank the power supply out and in of the Pi.

I would appreciate any help on these major problems greatly. Please ask me if you need more details.