Mount error 13 - NAS issue please help

Looked back and saw a few unresolved questions on this topic back in March.

My NAS is a Buffalo Terastation, all set up and working fine, accessible wirelessly and via wired access all over the house, no probs to mount, access, use for backup etc.

Attempting to use Volumio with a RPi and Hifiberry Digi+ board (I2S).

Everything fine - got the Pi talking to the web UI both via ethernet and wirelessly using a dongle.

All configures nicely up to mounting the NAS - it gives me a Mount error(13) and won’t access or index the music directory.

I’ve tried several things - Music folder was at the top level of the NAS, I’ve since put the files it contains into sub folders, just in case it wanted a longer pathname. Had a go with the Macbook checking whether there was an invisible directory before the Music one - nope, it seems to work fine straight from the connect to server command.

Completely stumped. No probs with Rune Audio which seems to interpret this directory structure just fine - so a bug in Volumio? Or something I should be doing to make it work? (Interestingly, the problem also occurred with Moode, so I haven’t been able to try that either).

Please help! I can only use the webUI or the Mac, I’m not comfortable using command line instructions.