MOTU M4 USB audio interface


New Volumio user here. First, congratulations for your great work.

I have just installed Volumio and I am testing a MOTU M4 audio interface. This one.

It works, although I am playing Lossless content from an iPhone using AirPlay and the Volumio UI reports 16bit@44.1 KHz.

Is that to be expected? The interface supports up to 24bit@192 KHz.

Also, are there plans to select outputs? This particular interface is a USB class compliant audio device with 4 outputs and 4 inputs (although in this case the inputs are irrelevant).

I can also report that a Raspberry 4 powered by an Apple USB-C charger can power both the Rpi and the audio interface without issues it seems.

is limitation of airplay:


Hope they change that. Not that it will be a dramatic improvement, but it sounds a bit silly to heavily promote lossless and “master” recordings while doing thos.

Thank you!

And confirmed. I have configured it for TIDAL connect and when playing a “Master” format track it selects 48 kHz @24bit.