most needed ssh commands volumio 2.0

Because I keep forgetting what I need to do to access Volumio.
I wrote a few steps down for myself, as it might be useful for others I decided to share them in this post.

Login over ssh: I use putty (;
On current build (RC2 hotfix) samba isn’t enabled. Because I like to see what I’m doing in windows file explorer I first need to change the samba config file.

go a few directories higher than the landing directory after ssh login.

cd ..
cd ..

List folders

ls -d */

go to the samba config folder

cd /etc/samba/

use the build in nano editor to edit the samba config file

sudo nano smb.conf

Change the shared path
Save using ctrl + O

To view in windows file explorer browse to the ip adress \XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX

----update the volumio folder to the current build----
cd /volumio to go to the volumio directory
git pull
to change the branch to dev
git checkout dev
----Other usefull stuff when debugging----
the log is stored in /home/volumio/log

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You could save yourself a lot of typing by just doing…

sudo nano /etc/samba/smb.conf