More responsive album layout


First of all I like the new options and upgrades in the newest upgrade! :+1:

But I would really like to see a more responsive album layout when scrolling albums via iPad. Is this an issue You consider and plan to address in a future upgrade?

I also observed this on the iPad.
But for me it only affects the old iPad Gen. 6.
It doesn’t matter whether you use the Volumio-app or the web-gui.
With my wife’s iPad Gen. 9, the scrolling experience is flawless.

Hi Rost21A

My iPad is Gen 7. Looks like the issue relates to the age of the iPad. A newer iPad Gen 9 is probably the most likely solution for a quicker responsive layout when scrolling albums :thinking:

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Now I have bought a iPad gen 10. When scrolling albums in manifest mode I still think there are room for improvement. It’s not running smooth.

Is this something the Volumio team is aware of and plan to upgrade in the future for the iPad users?