More options in CD ripper feature

I’m new to volumio and the whole RPI based audio revolution. Loving it thoroughly BTW! Hope you all will treat my mistakes kindly.

After a few tries, these are my requests.

*CD ripper window should have a progress bar as it starts ripping
*There should also be a few options such as eject and cancel after ripping begins. I’ve run into situations where I wished these software buttons existed.
*There should be an option to make a default ripping destination. In my case it’s the USB drive. Right now I have to manually select it every time.
*Last but not least. I have noticed if I use my Android app to rip CDs, it brings up the ripping menu on the touchscreen display as well (and vice versa). Which is not a problem by itself but once ripping begins, the menu still stays up on the touchscreen. Only way to get rid of it is to go and manually cancel the menu from the touchscreen.

That’s about it from me. I thank the Volumio team for such a great piece of work!