More Meta data display in browse results

I find that when browsing eg in “artist/album” (but also other paths), the resulting display may show a complete album, but the displayed meta data appears to be limited to (“Track Title”) + (“Artist”+“Album”). It would be useful/informative if the user could select other meta data to be displayed.

It would also be good if the results could be ordered by selectable order such as “Title”, “Date”, “Track”.

I often find that the displayed album tracks are not in track order, but alphabetical by title. This is even though I have selected “Music Library Settings - Show Track Numbers” = “On”.

To fix this I have to edit the ID3 data to add the track number at the start of the ID3 Title text, (or possibly edit the file name to add the track number at the beginning of the file name). Such that the alphabetic sorting results in track order.

These edits are unreasonable, as the ID3 meta data already has track number correctly set for most of my files.