More info & actions On Album View


possibly this has been discussed before as this is a very basic feature in my opinion:

Lets say you’re playing random songs from the library and you like the currently playing song.
So you jump to the album of the song and want to play the whole album.

However, on the album view, there is no option to play the whole album. There is just the list of songs which can be added to the queue individually.
You have to make a mental note of the album name go back to the “Playback” screen to call “Go To Artist” to then find the album header to add it to the playlist. This is very inefficient.


  1. Instead of just displaying the list of tracks for the album, the page could display a header info for the current album, showing the album name, year, whatever along with the same actions that are possible from other places.
  2. On the “Playback” screen the Artist / Album Info is currently just text. It would be a very intuitive way to jump to album and artist.
  3. There should be a section header on each level of the libary. If you switch to the library a couple hours later it is not apparent where the current position in the library is. So there should be at least the name of the currently open folder if not even a breadcrumb navigation for quicker navigation.