More DAC's for Odroid C2

I’m about to add a Suptronics X400 DAC/AMP (iqaudio pi-dac+) to my Odroid C2 but I see only Odroids own DAC is supported. I know it is supported in the Raspberry Pi image so I wonder if you perhaps could include that and perhaps more support on the Odroid C2 as well? It couldn’t hurt. :wink:

As we supposedly are using devicetree maybe it is not that hard to add support myself? If so, could you point me in right direction?

EDIT: I can now see it is set in /etc/modules-load.conf

snd_soc_pcm5102 snd_soc_odroid_dac

Could I load the modules (if present) for pcm5122 this way as well?

lastly, great software!!!

Thank You!

Check your mailbox :wink: