Mono output / alsa config

I need mono output on both speaker so I created a asound.conf like that :

It’s working from squeezelite, but now I cannot play music from volumio or dlna. I have the following error : Failed to open alsa device hw:2,0 : device or resource busy.

Any Idea ?

Volumio Information

Volumio Version:2.834
Hardware: Raspbery 3B

Maybe volumio-plugins/plugins/audio_interface/volstereo2mono at master · balbuze/volumio-plugins · GitHub

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This plugin make it works inside volumio / dlna, but now I have no sound in squeezelite.

Got it working !
I had to change audio output to default loopback default audio device in squeezelite configuration
No Idea why (I tested all of them to find this one working).


Yes, the output must be redirected to loopback in order to go through the plugin.
This is the case for mpd, Spotify, Spotify connect.
But not squeeze lite because it does not use standard mechanism to update its output…

Ok, thanks for the plugin.
Any chance to have it in default plugin list, to avoid manual install ?

Not in Volumio 2.x…
But for the next Volumio 3, I wrote a all in one.Dsp plugin that allows plenty of things and mono output.
It will be in the list of installable plugins.
More info and screen shot volumio-plugins/plugins/audio_interface/FusionDsp at alsa_modular · balbuze/volumio-plugins · GitHub