Modify Volumio Display


My setup:
Raspbery pi 3
IQ Audio DAC
Waveshare 4" display HDMI
DAC feeds an amplifier with volume control

I was able to get the 4" display setup to display the artist, album, volume, song time, etc. However, I have the volume set at 100% and disabled through Volumio as I can control the volume from Spotify and from the amplifier. Also, I do not have the touch component of the screen enabled.

SO: can I improve the display to only show what I want it to? For example, I do not need to see the previous/pause/next buttons at the top, the settings icon, the volume display, and all the icons along the bottom (Heart, plus, …, Browse, playback, volume, queue, etc).
Ideally, a large album artwork on the left, then on the right the album info and song progress.

Thank you!