Modified Volumio (VAMP) for Cubie a10/a20 Banana pi

V.A.M.P. For PC contains changes and updates:
The latest version of the modified web interface (based on 1.5).
Ability to control via JRIVER using Audiophile 24-bit DAC UPnP output.
New version of MPD based on platform 0.20. Plus, an additional patch is applied to increase the priority of playing audio files (realtime patch), both with fixed FIFO parameters and with the possibility of changing through the web interface.
Point V.A.M.P. Info, where you can see the playback status, USB ID and DAC name, CPU load, IP address, information about the internal drive and external drives.
To update the main player modules (kernel, web interface) use the menu (UPDATE V.A.M.P.).

Cubieboard 1( A10) (1.98 GB) >>>!jRZlzSrJ!pukaR3BMkECo … oMWhaZ0iDI
Cubieboard 2 (A20) (5.50 GB) >>>!qB4FwaAD!zYAYenjBTXMM … osPVoF1S5E
Banana Pi M1 (A20) (2.33 GB) >>>!LBplVARa!e41owypc0jHD … _meOlSXhb8

support you can find here … wnload.28/