Mobile Volumio for the Kids

I’d like to introduce you to my latest build - The mobile Volumio:

It basically is a Raspberry Pi 3b with a Display and build in Speakers and Headphone-Jacks, powered by a Powerbank and nicely wrapped in a IKEA Variera Housing.

The Powerbank lasts for about 4 hours with the Display on, I think when I get the DPMS right it will be more.

I also added a stylish handle and an illuminated Powerswitch to turn the Raspberry on and off.

It is not very audiophile, as I used the Rasperrys Audio-Jack with a cheap 3W amp from some USB-powered Speakers, but it is enough to keep the Kids entertained.

You’re welcome to comment below :wink:

Nice ! :smiley:
IKEA design !
I have done a couple of builds myself using the “Variera” series products , some very successful and some not :laughing: