Mobile UI issue with search results

There must be some issue or bug with the mobile responsive User Interface (CSS or other responsive implementation).
I found out it happens with screen resolutions less then 1024x768, when the HTML DIV id=“main-menu” get hidden.

When using Volumio from a desktop PC the search function results are correctly filtered basing on the plugin selected (Tidal , Spotify, Web Radio, …).

When using Volumio from a mobile device (any smartphone via browser and/or via android App) the search results are not filtered. Regardless entering a plugin section or not, all sources are always reported in the results ( Tidal + Spotify + Web Radio + … ).
This is quite annoying because you have to scroll down a lot and look for your expect results (preferred source is Tidal and it’s always at the end).

I’m assuming this depends on the responsive mobile layout (CSS or similar) .
You can easily verify it also from a desktop Chrome browser > F12 > device toolbar > emulate iPhone or any device with screen resolution < 1024x768.

Would you kindly fix this ? It will greatly improve the usability and user experience.


Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.861
Hardware: Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.2
DAC: USB Combo384 Amanero

does anyone have the same problem?
It looks like the contextual search (= results query from the selected music plugin) only works from a desktop browser , but not from a mobile/smartphone browser.
I believe this is a bug of Volumio2 user interface.

It works with my android phone. What plugin do you use?

I regularly use both spotify and tidal plugins.
Even after entering the plugin by the icon in the home page, when searching for an artist or album the results are always “global” , meaning that I get results from every music source (web radio, spotify , tidal… ).
I underline that this happens only from the smartphone (android) , as well as from the app downloaded from play store , as well as from a browser simulating a mobile device (with screen width less then 768px). It does not happen when using the PC with screen resolution >= 768 px wide.