Mobile devices no longer control Rpi

Hi community.
Long time Volumio user with premium account.
Recently tried to build another streamer and it was not playing ball. I took out the SD card from my known good system and still no good.
Lost patience with new system so put back old system as was and now this is struggling. Took me ages to realise the problem seems to be the mobile devices trying to control the Rpi. (Rpi with ethernet.) Volumio app wont work, even a new device configure wont see the Rpi.
Neither Andriod or Apple work, even straight from a browser with the IP address.
However my Win10 laptop will control it. Also learned the Spotify app in android is controlling it (for now) . If I open the Volumio app the ‘select a device’ area is up to date showing the music I have got playing via the laptop or spotify android, but if i select this it just goes blank and hangs.

Any thoughts, its mighty frustrating!

That’s interesting…I had the same problem today with an Android device that never shuts off…but restarting the Android fixed the problem. One player was previously deactivated (zero) from the Volumio account to make room for another one.

Is it possible to control the player via an HDMI monitor and a mouse? This could be used to determine whether the installation and the player are ok.

Its SSH working?

Which RPI is that anyway?

Just tried, no issue here with an iPhone SE.

Thanks for the reply. I have a waveshare screen and I can use that. Rpi 3b.
Not sure about SSH?!
I turned it all off earlier as it stopped altogether. I’m thinking a network thing but don’t really know why.

For me everything works except for the one Android device, which now works again… iPhone, Mac, Android.

Could it be related to the Volumio account? try logout/login.
Switching the router off/on often works wonders.

If operated via screen…does everything work? Can you stream…e.g. Spotify, Tidal…?