Mixer HW failed

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Would you please help me with next topic :
I have change the DAC E30 to another PI4 setup and I receive this error :smiley:

with HW mixer set.
If I set SW mixer is OK .
V3.198 connected via HDMI to LCD tv
On my main streamers , RPI4 and same DAC E30 is OK with HW mixer .
What could be the reason ?

Should I add more info ?


Volumio devs should come up with a new technology and patent it - Crystal Ball Debugging :sweat_smile:

Yes :smiley: Logs! No logs == no idea!

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and logs
HW mixer nothing is played :frowning:


You can always call Jomanda, She has some spare time lately. just hold the setup in front of her and she can make it run again…

I will happly go with this situation :ij UA.
But now I have attached also the logs.
If I have change back to Software mixer is OK

Any hints please ?

I would remove all peppy meter and other stuff, and confirm if everything is working as expected. A factory reset would be easiest in my opinion.

I will do a factory reset and check it
Is any degradation of sound if I use SW mixer instead of HW ?

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On paper yes. But you should test by hearing.
In short:
Noise will not be impacted by SW volume control, so if you have a noise level of 1% at 100% volume, it is 1%. Lower the volume to 50% and noise at 1% => 2% of the signal. Lowering volume to 10% => 10% of the signal.

I have performed a factory reset and now is ok.
@2acd. Would you please help me on this out.