Missing TuneIn stations in Volumio although they’re available via the TuneIn website?


Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 3.512
Hardware: Rpi 3B+
DAC: Hifiberry Amp

Debug Log

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Browse web radios per location or county (Finland).
  2. Lot of stations are not available although they’re available via the TuneIn website. Also some stations that work fine via TuneIn website, do not wok via Volumio as the stream url is apparently not updated? (e.g. Bassoradio).

Additional Information

I have this same question… I also tried as a subscriber still doesn’t work… I cannot get the Houston Texas stations I can get using Tune in… This is a big problem for me as I sold a customer on a solution based on this working… my only recourse will be I guess to try to switch my x86 music server to Roku… I really wanted Volumio solution to work.

I seems like Volumio is really a product that is no longer supported…

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