Missing "Back" button

The UI of version 2.773 is a great improvement. However it still has a glitch that is very annoying.
When using Qubuz, when I select an artist in My Artists to see the list of albums, there is no “Back” button to bring me back to the list of artists. I have to go back to the Qubuz main menu and start all over.

This bevaviour is not new to this version, it was already an issue before.

I guess this should not be too difficult to fix.

Yes, I agree! I have Tidal and Qubuz and this drives me crazy - such a simple thing to fix too (probably :slight_smile: )

If I search for ‘The Beach Boys’ I get presented a list of albums, I click on an album to browse the list of album tracks. I then decide that I don’t want to play any of the tracks and want to return to the list of albums. There is no back button so you have to perform the search again (you have to retype the search term again too!)

It would be good if the native back button on Android devices was implemented rather than having to click a rendered back button in the app (or should i say wrapped website!)

Also, a history of your previous searches when you click into the search box would be nice.

Thanks for listening!

I would say the behaviour of the Back button is a little unpredictable. Sometimes in Qobuz I search for an artist, view the albums, look at an album and the Back will let me return to the list of albums. Other times it won’t, the Back button just behaves like Home.

Where is this back button, because now I am listening qobuz in volumio if I press the arrow on top it goes in home screen. This is quite annoying, because if I want to change the Playlist or anything else I need to restart.
Thanks in advance