MinimServer Meta Tags not recognised in Playback window

Volumio displays all tags of my MinimServer library correctly in the track list of the Volumio web interface, but the tags are not recognised correctly in the Playback window (they seem to show correctly for a few milliseconds, but then they disappear and an unreadable name based on the file name appears instead)
See here:
Track list (correct):
Bildschirmfoto 2020-05-03 um 20.37.57.png
Playback window (not correct)
Bildschirmfoto 2020-05-03 um 20.38.17.jpg

If I use an app like Bubble DS or Linn Kazoo (with Volumio as the player) instead to access MinimServer and choose the tracks via these apps then the tags are all shown correctly – also in the Volumio web interface! But then the cover art missing!
Bildschirmfoto 2020-05-03 um 20.37.18.jpg

I’m running Volumio 2.767 (same behaviour in the previous versions) on a Raspberry Pi 3B+. MinimServer is installed on a Synology DiskStation (which also contains the music files).

Thanks for reporting, we’ll investigate


Is there any update on this - the situation is still the same in 2.777.

I have noticed that it seems to only affect .m4a files; so that would normally be Apple Lossless and AAC

With FLACs and MP3 files, the track title is displayed correctly in the Playback tab.

The developer of Minimserver has claimed that it is Volumio that is not parsing the information correctly

I hope this helps you to resolve the issue as I’m using Minimserver to deliver to one of my Volumio instances that is primarily for native DSD.



Newbie to Volumio and decided to give it a try with a Pi3B with AudioQuest DragonFly Red DAC streaming from my Synology DS916+ vis MinimServer v2. Currently this is a headless setup awaiting a 7" touch screen, so controlling through Chrome / Edge browsers.

FLAC & MP3 track names, sample rate and Bit depth all show no problem per track.

However, M4A (as ripped through iTunes) & DSD only show the filename of the track playing with kHz & Bit Rate. If you pause the track and then play the track metadata is then displayed correctly but the kHz & Bit Rate disappear. To get the kHz & Bit Rate back you have to tap on the elapsed time / duration countdown, and then the track interrupts and the file format icon disappears. This seems to be an obvious display rendering bug.

If you check the current playlist then all track names are parsed correctly.

Is there any acknowledgement on this bug or a fix? Have the latest (v2.861) software as downloaded yesterday 13/02/2021.

My music files are correctly tagged and show correctly on numerous devices and other software packages, e.g. iOS mConnect, iOS & Android StreamMagic, Cambridge Audio NXv2, Logitech SqueezeServer, FiiO M11 DAP.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.