Mini86 + SPDF

I have a Mini86 from only a few days; so now I start with test.
A question: is possible upgrade the Mini86 with a SPDF output socket?
This is important for me because my dac, a Poppulse WM8741, have a Usb input max 96Khz/24bit.
So I need a spdf output from Mini86 for a max resolution input in my dac 192Khz/24bit.
Info please, anyone know?
Thanks so much.

Unfortunately no, it’s not possible to upgrade it with SPDIF out.
IMHO your best bet is to look for a used HiFace2 (which is still a good choice), or why not, maybe a new DAC…

Or, just enjoy your 96k files and don’t bother :wink:

Thanks, this is a bad limitation.
So, I need a Hiface2.