mini86 NAS version - can't access internal HDD

I purchased a mini86 NAS edition through this website. I did this because I wanted a place I could put my music and files as well as a means to run volumio

Unfortunately its not obvious to me how I use what I have purchased as I intended.

I can copy files from my windows laptop to the mini86 upto a few GB, not the 1TB I thought I paid for though.

Please tell me what steps I can take to allow me to unlock this basic functionality

Thanks in advance

Hi Bibble,
what you’re doing is correct: you can copy your files to the Mini86 via the network sharing of windows.
Why you say you can upload only a few GB?

After uploading via network, you just go to my-music and click update database and you will see your files

If I try to drop a 2.3 G file using via network in windows it says there is not enough space on internal storage

I have the same problem.
I’m not able to create a partition with more then 4.4GB or higher then sector 15650174.
See attachement.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-10-23 um 12.25.53.png

Thanks for reporting.
I’ve had a talk with the company supplying the mini86, and IMHO there is a problem with how they flash Volumio before sending the units.
As you can see, its like there is a 8GB hard drive when in fact there is a 1TB one.
This prevented Volumio at first boot to fill the entire hard drive, allowing you to use it.

I will have confirmation about this problem tomorrow, in the meanwhile I will study how to fix your current situation. Unfortunately this might require you to re-flash your unit with a new image.

I apologize for the problem

Hi, very interesting.
I also purchased a mini86 NAS edition through this website.
Before, I have another problem: how is possible access to internal NAS HDD?
I need upload in internal HDD my file music by a few number of usb keys.
It’ s possible inside Volumio (last version), when run?
I very like step by step!

I will write a detailed guide to address the most common problem with mini86 and how to fix them. I hope to be able to do it before tomorrow, because after I will have limited access to pc until the weekend.

In the meanwhile rest assured that Mini86 customer will always have priority support from me

Hi Fabre,
just go to windows network and you will see “Volumio” under the computer section. Double click on it and you will see the internal memory folder, nas ecc. Just copy your music on “INTERNAL”, then open the UI of mini86 and go my music -> update

For those who have the problem of just 8GB of memory, we are investigating on a non-invasive solution. But chances are that the mini86 settings, music and albumarts will be lost when we expand the drive.

For those of you with some experience (and will) in IT, can follow this guide to reflash their mini in the proper way:

I realize that not everyone will\want to follow this. Therefore I will prepare a “Restore” image for such scenario, to make it easier. It will take about 10 days to be completed. So you can wait for the image for the easy way or get dirty with the above tutorial.

Sorry again for the pain

Hi again Michelangelo.
Thanks so much.
Now I can see by my windows computer inside mini86.
I see internal, nas and usb; the internal is only 4Gb (like 3,80Gb), so I thinks this is the ram and not Hdd 1Tb.
In this moment I attemp storage in nas a some music file in a few folder, but I can’ t see the value of max space storage.

:frowning: update.
Idem problem.
In all folder, internal or nas, a few GB of 1Tb.
I also wait 10 day.

Hi Michelangelo,
10 days later…
Has the problem been resolved in the meantime? Is there a new image?

Hi George, yes I completed yesterday the X86 installer.
My concern is to make easy for everyone (also without linux skills) to have full capacity on their Mini86.

As previously stated, this problem is caused by manufacturer not properly flashing the device, resulting in the partition being only 8GB in size and not expanding to fill the whole hard drive.

So I did an option on X86 to install Volumio on another hard drive. This is the easiest way to reflash a mini86 with the new image which simply restores full capacity. I am doing the last tests and hopefully it will be released this weekend along with detailed instructions

Hi George, new version out (you can update) and to restore full capacity of your Mini86 there is a very simple procedure.

If someone needs help, let us know

Hi Michelangelo,
Everything works fine now. :smiley:
Thanks a lot!