Mini ITX Streamer

Here are some pics from my new streamer .

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Any chance of a full parts list? :slight_smile:

Inter-Tech Case ITX A80S
ASHATA Power Filter Board
HiFiBerry Digi2 Pro
Mean Well HDR-60-5 AC-DC Ultra Slim
Raspberry Pi 3B+
TP-Link Archer T2UH Wlan-Stick
4tb SSD
Slot-in DVD


cheers man, nicely done.
have you used the cd ripping function yet? I;'m curious what your results were with it. Mine started out fine and literally never said it was finished. 2 hours later I just shut it off and the rip was apparently successful.
I have that self same TP link USB wireless unit as well, it works a treat!

No , only for playback.
I rip with my laptop and set the correct tags with mp3tag.